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Why The Question "Are You Busy? Really £*!€'s Me Off?

I often get asked "are you busy?" when meeting with someone.  I am sure you do too.  It seems to have replaced the good old fashioned "hello". How To Respond? If you say yes, you hear "ah that's really good", if you say no, you can see the signs of pity and an "oh dear" look on the questioners face. I find it fascinating that being "busy" has somehow become a badge of ho [...]

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Trust Me – One Size Does Not Fit All!

I make no apologies for the image used here – used rather creatively I think to highlight a point that one size does not fit all! I read alot. Every week there is another book out promoting the latest idea (fad?) around leadership and management.  Pimping the "we have THE ONE secret way to ensure your success”. When in fact, there can never be only one way, nothing i [...]

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Why Accessing Your Phone In A Meeting Is Not Smart.

Why do so many people (especially the more successful people) find smartphone use in meetings to be inappropriate? According to an article I read in Forbes Magazine, it's because when you access your phone in a meeting it shows: Lack of respect. You consider the information on your phone to be more important than the conversation in the meeting; you view people outside [...]

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Finger Pointing Is Not The Answer To YOUR Staff Leaving.

So, staff are leaving.  Well, what can I say.  I did see this coming a mile off and wrote about it a couple of years ago. I am not gloating, in fact I am saddened by it. You see I had a conversation the other day with someone who has been around for quite a while, as part of that conversation came the inevitable "so who are you working with now".  I told him how excit [...]

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